Measure 1.

Dip printing: Rotate the model to a certain angle to maximize the contact between the model and the platform, and do not have a large number of suspended structures, or manually add a larger print base at the bottom of the model.

Measure 2.

Try to avoid sharp corners on the bottom surface: if the model is in contact with the bottom surface, if there is a sharp corner, it is easier to warp, and the round corner is not easy to warp.

Measure 3.

A small amount of solid glue stick can be applied to the printing platform, which will avoid the problem of curling to a certain extent. However, due to objective factors such as printing speed and model shape, it may not be bonded, depending on the situation.

Measure 4.

Use 3D printer with special frosted wear-resistant printing platform film: special film for frosted surface design, strong adhesion, anti-warping edge, strong wear-resistant and easy to clean, no need to change paper tape repeatedly, reusable, beautiful Convenience.

Measure 5.

Pay attention to the environmental conditions during printing, air flow and temperature changes, will affect the situation of the edge, do not blow when printing, keep the 3D printer stable, try to choose a fully enclosed 3D printer to ensure a good printing environment.