1. When using a DC fan, do not press the fan blade by hand, do not force the power cord to protect the fan shape.

  2. After purchasing the DC fan, use it as much as possible within six months. Because the time is long, the storage environment will affect the performance of the DC fan.

3. Do not store the DC fan in a corrosive gas environment. If you need it, you can consult the Ming Technology Department and you will have a corresponding anti-corrosion fan.

4, in the environment used by the fan to avoid dust, water droplets and other impurities into the environment, if you have the same can also contact the technical department.

5. When the DC fan is running, do not intentionally lock the fan for a long time, which will cause high heat to burn the internal parts of the fan.

6. When the fan is dropped from a height of more than 60mm during handling and use, it will affect the balance of the blade.

  7. Pay attention to the noise caused by resonance and vibration when installing the DC fan.

8. Do not use too much force when fixing the fan to avoid damage to the fan.