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  • Before buying a DC fan, let me introduce the main family of DC fan accessories

Outer frame: plastic pressed, generally square, round;

Bearing: manufactured using high precision ball bearings;

Blade: fixed on the outer rotor of the fan, the outer rotor is a plastic magnetic ring;

Magnetic strip: a plastic magnetic disk is used to form a magnetic strip with a magnet after being magnetized by a magnetizer;

Rotor: the blade and the magnetic strip together form a rotating part of the DC cooling fan;

Stator: The fixed non-rotating part of the cooling fan, generally four large teeth form a four pole, and four poles are wound around two sets of coils.

After reading the main family of DC fan accessories, you should have a general understanding of DC fans! When there is a heat problem in your device, you can determine the problem of the device from the direction of the accessory.