The grease replacement cycle depends not only on the performance and quality of the grease itself, but also on the operating environment conditions, temperature, operating speed and load to which the grease is used.

When the temperature rises, the base oil of the grease will evaporate, oxidize and deteriorate, and the network structure of the grease will be destroyed and hardened, which will reduce the lubricating performance. When the base oil loss reaches 50-60%, the grease will lose the lubricating ability. . Especially at high temperatures, the lubricating properties of the grease are reduced more quickly.

The higher the service temperature, the shorter the service life. The relationship between the service life of most greases and the temperature is 10 to 15 degrees for the bearing temperature, and the life of the grease is reduced by 1/2. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the grease before the grease loses its lubricating properties.