Requirements for storage location. The bearings are generally placed in the warehouse, but the relative humidity in the warehouse is not more than 60%, and the room temperature is around 25 degrees. The temperature difference should not be too large. Moreover, it is best not to put corrosive substances such as acid, alkali, salt, etc., as well as chemical raw materials and large water objects in the warehouse. Store in a location that is protected from direct sunlight, good ventilation, and a clean environment.

Storage method requirements. Different linear bearing products have different storage methods, and the wrong way will also adversely affect the bearing. Small bearing is best placed on a shelf about 30cm away from the ground. Large rolling bearings cannot be placed in a vertical position. Due to uneven force, the bearing will be permanently deformed, so it should be stored in a horizontal position.

Pre-storage requirements. It is very important to check that the outer packaging is intact before storing the linear bearings. If the bearing outer casing is damaged before storage, even if the storage conditions are good, problems will occur, which will affect the quality of the linear bearing. Once the outsourcing is found to be incomplete, repackaged measures should be taken.