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  • 3D printing lamps, lighting a different world

At present, it is very common to apply 3D printing technology to the manufacturing creativity of lighting fixtures. 3D printing lamps not only bring great convenience to life manufacturing, but also add unlimited possibilities for creativity.

This series of lamps borrows the particle form of the main pathogenic pollen of pollinosis in Europe, including pollen of Gramineae, Birch, Ragweed, Tarax, Helianthus and Ash.

The designer first extracted the image of the pollen using a scanning electron microscope, and then used nylon powder to print the morphology of each pollen particle by 3D using selective laser sintering technology.

Recently, the 3D printed grid-like lighting device was unveiled at the Singapore Light Festival. The device measures 10 m x 6 m x 3 m and uses polymer as a medium to emit beautiful light. This is mainly because it is equipped with more than 50,000 independently controllable LED lights that will react to five programmed microcontrollers. The entire grid structure consists of 715 polycarbonate square tubes with balanced and divergent light sources. It should be specially noted that the 152 nodes connecting the square tubes are printed with ABS and nylon material 3D, which is mainly used to place a large number of custom bulbs.

There are three ultrasonic sensors at the bottom of the grid-shaped lamp body. When the crowd approaches, the sensor will transmit signals to 50,000 LED lights, which will illuminate the dazzling dynamic lights through physical and virtual interactions. Against the backdrop of Singapore's Marina Bay Tower, a beautiful light show is presented to the audience.

In addition to creating different light and shadow effects, 3D printed lights can also be played with cool, such as adding a magnetic levitation module to float in the air. For example, the Lightest series of lamps developed by the Spanish company Base Forge. Lightest, which looks like a magical glowing crystal ball, is actually a wireless light that, with the help of a magnet, allows it to float on the pedestal. The lamp itself is powered by induction, the principle being that a small current from the pedestal is transmitted to the lamp by induction. Innovative lighting design, in addition to being used for loading, is also very practical, because it can be controlled by the remote control, you can also choose the intensity and color of the light. It is worth mentioning that Lightest's lampshade is completely detachable and can replace a variety of new shades, you can design it yourself or 3D printing. So if you think the round shade is too common, you can create other shapes like pyramids, cones, pots or whatever you like.